Short Story: Vampire Diaries F.Fiction

I wrote this a while back and entered it into a Vampire Diaries fan fiction contest last year, got 3rd place. It won’t make much sense to you if you aren’t a fan of TVD and it specifically refers to season 2, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading it anyway.

My Lips Are Sealed.

They think I don’t notice what goes on around here. Of course I do. I live here. I have seen it all, and yet I cannot say a word. He will not let me.

He is the one that is causing all the chaos. It is not Katherine, not Elijah, not even one of the Originals. Klaus is only a puppet in his grand scheme of things. He’s playing with them, toying with their perception, turning them against each other. I know. I saw him do it and that is precisely the reason why I cannot tell anybody.

I want to though.

Every day the need to tell becomes heavier, the truth becomes harder to bear, but I cannot break the spell. Until I find a way to break the spell he cast upon me, my lips are sealed. But I know so much.

Jeremy’s parents were not in a car crash by accident. He had planned it all along. Stefan did not just happen to be there to save Elena. It was already planned to be that way. The Salvatore brothers returned to Mystic Falls for reasons even they are unaware of. But what can I do? He enjoys my pain of knowing. He thrives in the suffering it causes me.

He is my soul mate and I am bound. I am bound to him as I am bound to remain silent.


The front door opened and closed with a slam. Trudging into the kitchen was Jeremy. With no greeting to me, he opened the fridge and took a carton of juice. “How was school today Jeremy?” I asked just to lighten the mood.

“Fine,” he stated as he walked away. My heart ached for him. The poor boy, if only he knew the truth. His parents were not even dead – not in the literal sense anyway. Anna was not dead either. They had been converted onto his side. They were part of his army, his ever-growing force, lurking within the shadows. They were part of his plan, and so was I. I have tried to warn Jeremy, giving him the smallest of signs but he is always watching me, so I have to be careful.

“Let me join you,” I had pleaded once when the guilt was too much. I wanted him to convert me so that I could forget, so that I would not feel. But no matter how much I begged he refused. “I need you to stay with them. We cannot have them getting suspicious. Besides why would you want to abandon them? Who would they have to care for them?” he had said to me. He knew I loved them. I loved them like they were my own. I wanted to protect them, but he was stronger than my wants and my love.

There were footsteps out on the porch followed by a brief moment of silence – young love. Elena entered the house reluctant to say goodbye to Stefan. I stood up and busied myself with the cooking. “Hi Aunt Jenna,” she said routinely.

“Hello. How was your day?” I asked. She replied quite systematically, “Fine.” It was obvious she was trying to hide something from me. I already knew though. Isobel had come into town. He had told me that was going to happen. “Is there anything you want to talk about?” I pressed on, wanting to warn her about who Isobel was.

“No, I’m tired so I’ll just go to my room to rest,” she replied hastily and then hurried upstairs. Sighing heavily I rubbed my temples and temporarily closed my eyes.

I felt a chill in the room.

“Jenna, Jenna, Jenna,” he whispered in my ear, “what were you trying to do just now?” I opened my eyes, “Nothing,” keeping my face devoid of all emotion.

“You know you can’t lie to me, my dear Jenna.” He paused and walked towards me, looking at me straight in the eyes. “I know what you were doing, how very naughty of you.” He reached out and placed his hand on mine. “My dear, she must find out on her own. It’s for the best. Do you understand?” I nodded my head. “Good.” He pulled a chair and sat down.”You might want to sit down too Jenna. There are some things that you might be interested in,” he smiled cruelly. “I’ve been thinking and it was about time something more exciting happened.” He stopped and waited for my reaction, something he took great pleasure in.

“Like what?” I asked hesitantly. His smile broadened, “Oh, well you know, a few deaths and all that, nothing drastic.” I jumped from my seat immediately. “What?”

“It’s nothing to worry about my dear. Death is inevitable. I was just thinking perhaps it was about time one of the Salvatore brothers, you know, had to go.”

“No,” I replied exasperated. Although I knew that the value of my words was close to nothing.

“Yes. It’s just the matter of which one, and how.”

“But why?”

“It would less complicate matters of course.” He rubbed his chin and sat in deep thought, “Now, if we get rid of Stefan, Elena and Damon can live happily ever after. Well not really but if I get rid of Damon then, well, then there wouldn’t be much fun left in Mystic Falls. Stefan it is then.”

“You can’t do that!” I shouted. His black pupils glowed with flames and soon I found myself pinned against the wall with his hands around my neck. It hurt. His eyes glowed brighter. “Now listen Jenna, I can do whatever I want.”

“I’m sorry, I know.” I spluttered.

“But since you are my future bride, if you don’t want me to kill Stefan then I won’t.” He released me. I managed to choke a “Thank you.” He leaned over to give me a peck on the cheek. Then he leaned in closer to whisper in my ear, “No problem, I’ll just kill Elena instead.”


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