The Journey of a Thousand Miles: Finding Motivation


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

If you ever need to find motivation, just remember the above quotation. No matter how big or small a task, if you want to complete it, take small baby steps and you’ll keep moving forward.

Warning to you now: this post might sound cheesy to you, but cheese contains calcium, and that helps you grow.

Recently, I’ve been stuck in a reflective mood, and I realized that personal growth is something that we shouldn’t neglect. Always strive to be the best person that you can be. And to help you with that below is a list of things to consider:

1. Take care of yourself

You owe it to yourself to take care of your body and your own health. So try to get a good night’s rest, eat healthily and find the time to exercise. You’ll be cutting your life short otherwise.

2. Get to know the people around you

If you see someone everyday and you don’t try to get to know them, one day that’s all they will be, or ever were; just someone you saw everyday – an acquaintance. But take the time to listen to someone else’s story and you’ll learn a new perspective, and establish a friendship that might last a lifetime.

3. Set a goal and work to achieve it

Allow yourself to dream, but dreaming alone will not get things done. Hard work, perseverance and determination will. Establishing a regular habit of practicing what you believe in and setting some time out during the day, whether that means waking up earlier in the morning, or better time-management is what it takes to make your dreams come true. If you truly work hard for something, it is worthwhile and you can be proud of yourself for putting in the effort – there will be no regrets.

4. Learn something new

Educate yourself about something new, you’ll never know when you’ll need it. It can be anything at all, there is such a vast amount of things to learn about. Learn a new language, learn how to use a fire extinguisher, learn about the different cultures of the world.

5. No more complaining

Stay positive because complaining won’t solve anything. It just wastes time. In other words “Keep moving forward” – (Meet the Robinsons)

6. Spend time reflecting

Sometimes it’s good to take a break and take a step back, spending a few moments reflecting. Count all of the good things there are, and be grateful for each day that you have. If it helps, you can count the number of days that you have been alive (this website will help you work it out: and remember to try and make the most of each and every day because each of those moments make up your whole life.

7. Believe in yourself

Don’t wait for a miracle to happen before deciding to do something. Believe in yourself, and get started. A negative mentality will hold you back from doing what you are capable of, and even if the first couple of tries are not successful, it isn’t a failure if you don’t give up. So challenge yourself today, and be the best person that you can be.

Believe in yourself - let negative thoughts blow away.

Believe in yourself – let negative thoughts blow away.

Don’t let that small voice in your head bring you down with negative thoughts, let them blow away in the wind and free your mind to think of other things. Enjoy the moments that you have, and sometimes, sit back and look around you – revel in what life has to offer.

Tomorrow is a new day. Start something new. Take the first step on the journey of a thousand miles.