How to get organised

5 ways to help you get organised


Getting organised is a keystone in getting things done. But sometimes it can be difficult to know where to get started. So below I’ve made up a short list of ideas that might be useful.

1. Tidy up your work space

Having a cluttered desk can really put you off doing work so it’s a good idea to clear up that clutter – you’ll feel a lot less burdened when you have. If it helps, take a small plastic bin with you or a plastic bag to put in all of the rubbish. Remember to recycle any waste paper, and/or plastic bottles when you can. It might help to allocate a place for your important things and make sure that everything is in it’s place.

2. Keep a calendar on the wall

Having a calendar is a very convenient way to look at important events at a glance. You can scribble down tasks, notes to yourself, and maybe even buy/make a calendar with motivational quotes on it to brighten up your day every morning.

3. Have a planner/diary

This is very important in keeping organised. Write all important dates, tasks, homework assignments or bill deadlines in here to remind yourself. Also it might help if every day you took some time to sit down and wrote down all the things that need to done for that week. For me, it helps to have a checklist of things to do – because it’s satisfying to tick them off once I’ve done them :)!

4. Wake up a little bit earlier

Time is limited. It’s best to set up some sort of routine or allocate certain times for the things that need to be done. That might mean getting up earlier so you don’t have to rush and maybe even doing some work in the morning e.g. making notes or looking through them.

Time management is all about prioritizing and it is important to realize what the important tasks are. Once you have determined that, get those done first.

5. Try using – I have tried this myself although it didn’t really work for me. However, if you like everything to be technological, give it a go. Myschoolbinder is like your online version of a planner where you will be alerted about everything you need to do.

[6. Spend less time on Facebook and TV – you’ll save a lot more time that way!]

Oh and something to keep in mind too…



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