Revision Websites

It’s always best to start revision early, so use the websites below to help you improve your understanding of a topic and/or to test your understanding. Best of luck with all of your revision, this post will be updated regularly, so come back to check for new links.


Chemguide – Covers GCSE/IGCSE/ AS/ A2 chemistry in great depth, excellent easy-to-understand explanations and with questions and answers to test your understanding.

Knockhardy – OCR chemistry notes, past and present modules are covered.

OCR Chemistry notes:


RealFrench – French grammar exercises including translation.

Le Monde – Read French news and become aware of the events around you, great for oral preparation: environnment/l’immigration/etc.

French Language – Don’t understand a French grammar aspect? Visit this website.

BBC French – Practice your French by watching French news, working through the activities, many links to be found here.

AQA A level French – AQA French past papers, mark schemes, syllabus and other resources.

TV5 French TV – French news for listening practice.


AS/A2 level – AP biology – Stretch your knowledge about biological concepts.

Biology Guide for A level students – Mostly for AQA specifications – includes human biology.

Biology Mad – AS/A2 level biology – AQA syllabus


Phizzix – KS3 to A level physics revision – useful links to other websites.


Waldomaths GCSE and A level revision – Maths notes

Schoolworkout KS3, GCSE & A Level revision – Maths notes

Maths revision – GCSE and A level

Carl Gauss Department of Mathematics – GCSE, AS and A2 mathematics past papers available from here including pure and applied modules.


Abpischools science site for students of all ages – bringing medicines to life.

Vision Learning – covering biology, chemistry, physics, maths and earth science.

Driving Theory Test

Hazard Perception

Hazard Perception Test Simulator

Information about Hazard Perception – Drivingsuccess


Medicine Blog ipimed – a blog that keeps you up-to-date with medical news and issues, very helpful to aspirant medics.

Medicine Applicants Further Reading – A student room post listing suggestions for further reading.

Medical Educator – Medical news.

Free Medical Video Lectures – Learners TV, want to get ahead or further your knowledge, watch a free medical video lecture.

Happy Revising!


Feeling Inspired

Feeling inspired: Finding inspiration everywhere you go

Feeling Inspired
It’s been a while since I last picked up a pencil and drew something, but the opportunity came to me today at 8:30 in the morning, having arrived one hour and a bit early to an event. There was nowhere else to go, no one else around apart from the receptionist, and yet it was from this nothingness that I did something productive – something that I had wanted to do for a long time.

I finally took the time to draw again. And it was truly satisfying.

Reflecting, it strikes me that maybe that’s the answer. Seizing every opportunity that comes our way is how we can make the best of things in life. Even when it isn’t immediately obvious, we can make an opportunity from nothing. It just takes action. For me, it was picking up a pencil and a scrap piece of paper I found in my bag. It really made me smile inside as I drew and I enjoyed every minute of it – the hour passed quickly, and then my friends arrived and my day brightened just a little bit more.

Why did my day brighten? Because they inspire me.

Being in such great company, being true to myself, holding my scrap piece of paper in my hand, I drew even more. And all of this happened just today.

Tomorrow’s another day, who knows what will happen? I just know for sure that there are opportunities out there waiting for me, waiting for you to seize and make the most of. There doesn’t seem to be a perfect moment for something, and I don’t think we should wait around for it to come around, take action when possible and live.

Finally, I’m keeping this post short and sweet 🙂 and hopefully with all of this in mind you can feel inspired everywhere you go.