Revision Websites

It’s always best to start revision early, so use the websites below to help you improve your understanding of a topic and/or to test your understanding. Best of luck with all of your revision, this post will be updated regularly, so come back to check for new links.


Chemguide – Covers GCSE/IGCSE/ AS/ A2 chemistry in great depth, excellent easy-to-understand explanations and with questions and answers to test your understanding.

Knockhardy – OCR chemistry notes, past and present modules are covered.

OCR Chemistry notes:


RealFrench – French grammar exercises including translation.

Le Monde – Read French news and become aware of the events around you, great for oral preparation: environnment/l’immigration/etc.

French Language – Don’t understand a French grammar aspect? Visit this website.

BBC French – Practice your French by watching French news, working through the activities, many links to be found here.

AQA A level French – AQA French past papers, mark schemes, syllabus and other resources.

TV5 French TV – French news for listening practice.


AS/A2 level – AP biology – Stretch your knowledge about biological concepts.

Biology Guide for A level students – Mostly for AQA specifications – includes human biology.

Biology Mad – AS/A2 level biology – AQA syllabus


Phizzix – KS3 to A level physics revision – useful links to other websites.


Waldomaths GCSE and A level revision – Maths notes

Schoolworkout KS3, GCSE & A Level revision – Maths notes

Maths revision – GCSE and A level

Carl Gauss Department of Mathematics – GCSE, AS and A2 mathematics past papers available from here including pure and applied modules.


Abpischools science site for students of all ages – bringing medicines to life.

Vision Learning – covering biology, chemistry, physics, maths and earth science.

Driving Theory Test

Hazard Perception

Hazard Perception Test Simulator

Information about Hazard Perception – Drivingsuccess


Medicine Blog ipimed – a blog that keeps you up-to-date with medical news and issues, very helpful to aspirant medics.

Medicine Applicants Further Reading – A student room post listing suggestions for further reading.

Medical Educator – Medical news.

Free Medical Video Lectures – Learners TV, want to get ahead or further your knowledge, watch a free medical video lecture.

Happy Revising!


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