Writing Destiny – New story

With the beginning of the summer holidays, I finally have time to read, and time to write again! I am starting a new story on Wattpad titled Writing Destiny.


writing destiny



Being a guardian angel was the last thing Aleator ever wanted. He hated the academy.

Who wanted to take the exams? Who cared what would happen to some innocent person who didn’t have him to protect them, it wasn’t like he’d do a good job anyway. But Aleator didn’t have a choice in this.

It was his destiny, and soon it would be his turn to write someone else’s destiny.

Preview: Prologue

Dear diary,

It’s been a while since I’ve last written to you, but today I felt that I had to in case I’d forget later on. Today I managed to see again – it was only a glimpse of a stranger but I had seen, and that face, that person who saved me – I cannot forget.

I remember seeing this boy, he pushed me out of the way. The car drove past in front of me. I was left unharmed. But I know that he wasn’t human. I’m not sure what he really was, but I feel sad.

He smiled at me though, with his warm, cheerful eyes and I felt as though I’d known him my whole life. Perhaps he was – my guardian angel –  if one were truly to exist. I’m not sure but I wanted to give him my thanks.



For an instant there were golden droplets in the air lingering in the midst of heaven and earth, before fading away. Only faint white ash remained on the ground along with a whispered name: Aleator.

To read more, follow the link provided: http://www.wattpad.com/story/14134396-writing-destiny

writing desiny new-page-001


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