Why YA Matters

It’s been about a week since the launch of YA Teabreak: yateabreak.wordpress.com, and today I’d like to announce the first article released in August titled Why YA matters.
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The Ink Screen

There’s no shortage of people spouting their own version of ‘when I was younger we just went straight on to reading adult books,’ since then there has been the development of teen books, YA and NA. But YA isn’t just about acting as a bridge between reading ages, it’s a lot more important than that.

Let’s be honest here. Literature, film and television have one very great flaw and that is a lack of diversity. The majority of books feature white characters as a lead and in any novel where the writer doesn’t refer to the race of their character, they are immediately assumed to be white, as if white, in much the same way that straight is, is the ‘default’.

While YA has been criticised for a lack of diversity in the past, 2015 has been an excellent year for diversity in YA. The Wrath and the Dawn…

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