Understanding Your Characters: Creating a Character Profile

Understanding your characters is really important to a good story.

The Ink Screen

Your characters are central to your story. They don’t have to be liked by all, but they need to be compelling. They need something that makes them relatable to the audience: maybe it’s what scares them the most, what is keeping them from facing the truth that most resonates with your readers. Humans aren’t perfect, and your character doesn’t have to be either. You want to write about a character that your readers are wiling to sacrifice their own time to read about and follow through the character’s journey. So how do you go about doing that?

Find your character’s motivation

To develop your characters, you need to work out what your character wants, and what they will do in order to get what they want. Examples: 

To escape…from prison, from slavery, from a boring office job, from a stalker

To stop… a bomb, a killing, a treachery

To find…the…

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