Heroes Fortnight: Heroes vs. Heroines

The Ink Screen

In this penultimate article of Heroes fortnight, we evaluate the dichotomy of heroes versus heroines. How do their journey’s differ? Are there any similarities? What could be done differently?

Let’s not sugar-coat things. Men as heroes tend to be dominant in all forms of storytelling, while women take a backseat that usually involves supporting the male hero. In 2014 only 12% of protagonists from the top 100 grossing films were women and female characters held only 30% of speaking roles (Lauzen. M, 2015), a shocking figure considering the success of films such as the Hunger Games, Gone Girl and Maleficent. When eponymous men do take a backseat in their films in favour of women, these films are accused of being ‘feminist propaganda’. Books with female protagonists are less likely to win awards, children’s books have been accused of a lack of representation of women, with…

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