Villain Fortnight: Villain Cliches

The Ink Screen

To complement our Hero Cliches post, we have put together some of the worst offending cliches that come up time and again when writing about villains. Villains help to drive the conflict in your story, and they play a big part in you story’s success or failure. You want your villains to be remembered because they were great characters, not because they were just another cliche.

The Evil Ruler

It doesn’t matter if it’s an evil Queen or an evil King or maybe they’ve just overtaken the MCs Kingdom and is now ruling in their stead. If it’s a fantasy you can pretty much guarantee whoever is on the throne is the bad guy. Very often in these cases the evil ruler is just an ominous presence with very little development of their own, for example in the Throne of Glass series all we really know of the King is…

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