Villains Fortnight: Villains We’d Like to See

The Ink Screen

Villains we’d like to see more of:

  • Female villains who aren’t stereotypes/cliches.

This article discusses how female villains always stick to three cliches; the femme fatale, evil enchantress and evil relative. And we’re tired of seeing them. It’s rare for a female villain to be well developed but when done well they can be even more captivating than their male counterparts. Just look at the portrayal of the female Jamie Moriarty in Elementary, she is written as strongly as a male villain would be yet at the same time her sex isn’t ignored.

  • Villains who use more subtle tactics rather than simply brute force.

Killing in cold blood is evil, and so is chopping heads and fingers off. From the outset, the reader knows that the character is evil, but what about villains who aren’t so obvious with their evil deeds and intentions. The use of brute force has been overdone, it’s…

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