Having a Writing Buddy

The Ink Screen

What is a writing buddy (or rather who)? How can they help you?

Writing buddy has a broad definition. A writing buddy can have varied and diverse roles, it very much depends upon the dynamic in the partnership and what each other’s wants and needs are.

It has been six months since Elizabeth first posted in the NaNoWriMo Facebook group looking for a writing buddy. At the time, she was really struggling to find the motivation to continue with her novel and needed someone who could keep her in check with her writing. It didn’t take long for responses to come in, and it didn’t take long (one month) for this blog, YA Teabreak to be established as a result of the partnership. 

A writing buddy is there to help you along with your writing. It’s a symbiotic relationship because you will be helping them in the same manner. To make it successful, it’s important…

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